Bhangra City

The biggest Bhangra competition and folk celebration of Canada

Bhangra City is an opportunity for local and international Bhangra teams to travel to Vancouver and showcase their Bhangra talent, while spreading the beauty of their culture and heritage, their virsa.

It is also an opportunity for you to support the arts, while promoting your business's products and services to a culturally diverse audience.

Vancouver is considered a worldwide hub and a trend setter for Bhangra dance, but we have fallen behind in offering dancers in British Columbia the opportunity to compete close to home.

The competitive Bhangra scene is flourishing in the United States with several competitions spread throughout the country.

In Canada, we are limited to just a few competitions, with only two taking place in Greater Vancouver.

We hope to create opportunities for meaningful engagement in quality events designed to engage, educate and connect youth with their heritage and culture.

Our mission is to provide local teams the opportunity to participate in a competition in their own backyard, while also attracting some of the top-tier international troupes.

We've strategically placed our competition in August, which will allow international teams an opportunity to travel to our beautiful city, soak in the culture and spirit (not the rain), and compete against some of the best Bhangra talent in the world!