Tarnjot (Ricky) Kahlon

Tarnjot kahlon has been involved in competitive Bhangra since 2009. He has competed in various live as well as music competitions, earning the experience and expertise of both forms of Bhangra. Ricky has judged over 15 competitions in the past few years and looks forward to bringing his experience, competence, and love for Bhangra to Vancouver.


Harkiran has coached PANJ Bhangra for the past 13yrs. Harkiran is one of the only females to ever coach an all guys team. She has judged numerous competitions and has been on the board of various bhangra committees. Harkiran had the pleasure of judging out in Australia which was one of the highlights of her career. When judging Harkiran enjoys well executed bhangra, synchronization all with an added dash of modernity.

Jason Kataria

Jason has been involved in Bhangra since 2006. He has danced for and coached some of the most successful teams in North America. His attention to detail and knowledge of Bhangra has allowed him to be a part of several judging panels for many elite Bhangra competitions held in both Canada and the United States, with the top two being Bhangra Idols and World's Best Bhangra Crew.

Neeli Grewal

Neeli Grewal has 15 years of experience both dancing and teaching bhangra and gidha in traditional and modern forms . She is the Choreographer for Nach Balliye, which is an all female dance organization based in the Greater Toronto Area, that strives to actualize the core values of dance, empowerment , and culture. Neeli has also been a judge at a multitude of high-profile competitions for the past 6 years!

Cherag Selhi

Cherag Selhi has been dancing and judging Bhangra for the last 14 years in the North American circuit. As a co-founder of FAUJ, Cherag is integral in teaching/training dancers and sets the standard of execution for the rest of his team. In addition to competing, Cherag gives back to the community by hosting Bhangra workshops/classes in the local Boston area where his unique teaching ability has allowed completely new dancers to enjoy the essence of a folk dance. Cherag has also been playing Dhol for the last 10 years. As a judge, Cherag has an eye for detail, an appreciation for both the folk and modern elements of Bhangra and years of experience to draw from. Cherag has previously judged multiple competitions both in the US and Canada. Some of these competitions include the North American Culture Show, Dhol Di Awaz, Motor City Bhangra, Bhangra Blowout, Buckeye Mela, Bhangra in the Burgh and Bruin Bhangra.